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Oracle Forms Modernisation

Oracle APEX is a great choice to Modernise Oracle Forms

We work differently today and so do our Applications.


User Experience

Modern users expect sleek, responsive, and intuitive interfaces. Oracle Forms, with its older, more static design, can’t compete with contemporary web applications.


Strong Security and Enterprise Framework

Benefit from the robust security features inherent to the Oracle ecosystem and Oracle Database


Mobility and User Experience

Today's workforce demands access to applications on a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets. Oracle Forms, primarily designed for desktop environments, lacks native support for mobile responsiveness.


Why Oracle APEX??

Oracle APEX gives us all of this plus

  • Re-use of Developer skills

  • Free No-Cost Feature of the Database

  • Re-use of Business Logic

Let us help you get started.

Are you looking to modernise or replace your Oracle Forms applications?

We have been transitioning legacy Oracle Forms applications into Modern, Responsive Web Applications powered by Oracle APEX for over 10 years.


Reach out for more insights or assistance on modernising your Oracle Forms applications with Oracle APEX. Your path to a modern, efficient, and user-friendly application suite is just a step away.

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